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We Bring Golf to You

Our mobile golf simulator rental provides hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels. Book us for your next event now.

Dozens of Golf Games Ready to Play
No Limits Due to Weather or Season
Full Service Setup and Breakdown
Golf Simulator Rental for Corporate and Private Events

We Bring a Unique Experience to Your Event

Indoors or outside, rain or shine, we take care of all the setup, running the games, and keeping the entertainment going throughout your event. Our golf simulator rental is the full package, with a selection of courses and skill games to guarantee your guests will have fun whether they’ve been playing golf for years or it’s their first time.

Bring your own clubs or use ours.​

Improve your swing with our Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor.​

Immerse yourself in the action with our 10' x 12' floor-to-ceiling screen.​

Available For Any Type of Event

Rent Our Mobile Golf Simulator for Your Company Event

Corporate and Team-Building Events

Rent Our Mobile Golf Simulator for Your Wedding of Private Party

Private Parties, Weddings, and Fundraisers

Our Mobile Golf Simulator is Great for Trade Shows and Conventions

Trade Shows, Festivals, and Conventions

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What We Offer

Our full golf simulator rental experience includes everything you need for hours of nonstop entertainment.

Fully self-contained professional golf simulator

Our complete setup includes a high-definition projector, projection screen, netted enclosure, computer, green, premium software suite, clubs, balls, and launch monitor. We set it all up, run it, and take it all down for worry-free entertainment.

Software and launch monitor from Forsight Sports

Foresight Sports Golf Simulators are are trusted by PGA Tour pro golfers for their lasting performance and accurate golf swing analysis hardware. The Mobile Golf simulator utilizes a Forsight sports GC2 launch monitor and FSX software so you can enjoy the same virtual golf experience the pros use.

Dozens courses and skills games available to play

For corporate team-building events, casual parties, and small gatherings, we offer a variety of short games and competitions such as closest to the pin and capture the flag. For larger gatherings, longer events, and immersive play, we have a library of 18 and 9 hole courses, including famous worldwide courses.

Mobile Golf Simulator Rental Offers Dozens of Golf Games for Hours of Entertainment
Mobile Golf by 815 Events is dedicated to creating memorable golf experiences that will raise the value and entertainment level at your event.

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